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Hi everyone.

My name is Oliver Tinley, and first of all I wanted to thank you for stopping by Optical Mechanics.

I don’t have some crazy story about how I got into this, I just wanted to create a resource to help people learn about telescopes, binoculars and all things optical equipment.

While I’m not an expert in everything there is to know, the team here at Optical Mechanics are. 

Our editorial team is made up of some of the best in their respected fields, from die hard enthusiasts to experienced professionals and published authors.

The team at Optical Mechanics will always put our readers first when it comes to how we do business and the content that we produce and thats something that we put our name to.

I’d like to thank you again for stopping by, please take a minute to check out the profiles of the rest of the team and find out what makes us tick.

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Meet The Team

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Richard J.Bartlett

Richard Bartlett is an experienced Astronomer based out of LA, California. Richard has written for major publications such as Astronomy magazine and High Point Scientific over his more than 20 years experience as an Astronomer. Richard first starting writing on his own website Starlore, which was featured in the February 2001 edition of Astronomy Magazine.

Since then Richard has gone to publish over 40 hard copy and ebooks all available at the link below on Amazon. One of his books was eventually licensed by Orion Telescopes which led to Richard writing a children's book for Orion.

Recently Richard has appeared on a number of astronomy podcasts and is moderator at Fraser Cains Universe Today forum as well as running his own Facebook group Stars 'n Stuff which can be found at the link below.

Richard also regularly uploads videos to his Youtube channel helping viewers to understand more about the night sky and our universe.

Richard is an expert at all things Astronomy and feels at home when gazing at the night sky. He believes that the sky above us holds a special fascination for people and that the understanding and observation of the objects above us holds something special for those that choose to gaze at the stars.

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Image of author Zane Landers next to a telescope he built

Zane Landers

Zane Landers is a 17-year-old amateur astronomer and telescope maker. Zane has been featured in TIME, National Geographic, and Sky & Telescope, and in various other publications and conferences worldwide. Zane has also owned over 180 different telescopes of nearly every maker, brand and model imaginable, and his telescope recommendations have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of readers.

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