We try not to play favorites here at Optical Mechanics, but we have to admit: astronomy is definitely nearest and dearest to our hearts! We explore the solar system, viewing techniques, galaxies, space travel, and much, much more.

how old is the sun

How Old Is the Sun?, pub-3944954862316283, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0 Earth’s Most Essential Essential: The Sun The Sun is a massive, luminous ball of plasma located at the center of our solar system. It is estimated to be about 4.6 billion years old, making it one of the newer objects in the Milky Way galaxy. The Sun provides us with light …

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2023 eclipse

2023 Eclipse Guide: Don’t Miss Anything!, pub-3944954862316283, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0 Who Doesn’t Love An Eclipse? Solar and lunar eclipses are spectacular celestial events that have enthralled and captivated viewers for millennia. Occurring in cycles, these two types of eclipses are mesmerizing to behold and often require travel to truly appreciate. This article will explore the nuances of solar and lunar eclipses, …

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how long after sunset is it dark

How Long After Sunset is it Dark?, pub-3944954862316283, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0 Let’s Get Started… We get the question “how long after sunset is it dark?” a LOT. Knowing the time of darkness after sunset is important to many astronomers and astrophotographers. Unfortunately, however, it is not a straight answer for every situation; one must consider things such as latitude, season, and altitude. …

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Smartphone Telescope Adapters: Are They Worth Your Time And Money?

Smartphone Telescope Adapters: Worth Your Time And Money?, pub-3944954862316283, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0 If you’ve been shopping around for telescopes, chances are you’ve seen that some have smartphone telescope adapters included. These make it very convenient for you to take pictures of the celestial objects that you view when looking at the sky. How do smartphone telescope adapters work? These adapters are clamped onto …

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Image of star with optical aberration

Optical Aberrations: What Are They & How To Fix Them, pub-3944954862316283, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0 All telescopes – and indeed, most optical devices – work by collecting light at the objective lens or primary mirror, and then converging these light rays into a spot called the focal plane. Particularly with eyepieces, it is basically inevitable that any telescope will have aberrations at the focal plane in …

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Can You Rent Telescopes

Can You Rent Telescopes? 7 Top Considerations, pub-3944954862316283, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0 We’ve all been there; scrolling through images of planets and deep-sky objects on your phone, your eye settles on an astoundingly detailed and colorful nebula. Then you view an image of Jupiter with its intricate cloud belts shown in high-resolution detail. What, you wonder, would it take to produce results like …

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