OMI has more than 20 years of experience designing and building large aperture optomechanical systems for astronomical and laboratory use. Our capabilities include mechanical engineering, optical engineering, mechanical and optical fabrication, system level integration of hardware, optics, electronics and control software. OMI also offers on-site installation and customer training and support.

Turnkey Solution: OMI offers a comprehensive telescope and observatory control software suite. Optical Mechanics Observatory Control and Astronomical Analysis Software (OCAAS) includes telescope, enclosure, focus, camera and filter wheel controls.

Latest Direct Servo Motor and Encoder Technology: OMI Alt-Az telescopes feature direct drive motor technology from the world leader in high-precision servo manufacturing. Encoder feedback to close the pointing loop is provided by absolute encoders with 32-bit resolution.

Dome Integration: We integrate domes from Ash Manufacturing, Observa Dome, Bader domes, as well as clam-shell and universal roll-off roof enclosures. Our system software can also control dome lights to accommodate flat field schemes, such as an illuminated photographic flat for camera calibration.

Vertical Integration: OMI has in-house capabilities in optomechanical design, fabrication, integration and installation. We support our customers from concept to installation. After on-site installation and training, OMI provides long-term technical and maintenance support.

Schedule Control: OMI leads the team to establish project goals and expectations early on, and keeps the team focused and on task. Where advantageous for the project, our team has the ability to use our own personnel and equipment. This enhances our ability to control the critical drivers of the project schedule.

Cost Competitive: Vertical integration allows the OMI team to deliver projects more cost effectively with fewer markups and less down time between outside vender services. This allows OMI to offer cutting-edge technology at a competitive price.

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